What Is Anthony Cumia's Net Worth?

Back when he co-hosted the "Opie & Anthony Show" with Greg "Opie" Hughes, Anthony Cumia often made reference to being a millionaire.

That makes sense given his SiriusXM salary which was estimated by many media outlets when he was fired from that job a few months back as $3 million.

Cumia also had several big years in terrestrial radio including a few where he and Opie did a show on regular radio and one on satellite.

Still, despite his obvious wealth, Cumia has never been specific as to how much he's actually worth until Monday when he jokingly answered a fan's tweet about his fortune.

That number seems a little high, though Cumia's Long Island house, which he refers to as "The Compound" is clearly a seven figure property.

What's also unclear is if Cumia's new "job," hosting "The Anthony Cumia Show,"a subscription-based video and podcast is adding to his wealth or draining it. The program appears to be successful but it does have expenses and a staff.

Cumia has not released any subscriber counts for the program which airs Monday through Thursday from 4-6 p.m. at a cost of $6.99 per month. The show can be found at https://www.anthonycumia.com/.

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