AURORA Visits The Howard Stern Show

Rising artist AURORA visited the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show and completely blew the host away with her cover of David Bowie's "Life On Mars." She also chatted about her album All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend.

Stern immediately began his interview with AURORA by raving about her performance and cover of David Bowie's "Life On Mars" from Girls. His high praise was shown when he went as far as to say that she had the best cover of the song that he has heard and.

The 20-year-old Norwegian singer has her album All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend wowing fans all over. She is also a self-taught piano player who doesn't need to learn how to read music.

"Howard said the way She was discovered is great but bad too. Howard said a friend posted a song She did on the internet," according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"Aurora said that She only wanted her parents to hear her song. She didn't want anyone else to hear it because it was a song that sounded weird to her."

While her performance of "Life On Mars" seemed to thoroughly impress Stern, AURORA maintains that she mostly does her own music. However, she did record her cover of Bowie's track while he was alive.

She isn't sure if he ever heard her version but the Stern Show crew was sure that Bowie would have loved it. During her interview, she also revealed that he original dream was to become an astronaut.

AURORA told stern that she liked that fact that Bowie and Bob Dylan didn't really like people too much.

She believed that everyone always likes everyone however, these guys had a different point of view in their music. Towards the end of the interview, she told Stern about her strange moth collecting habit.

"He said He can't believe She is single. Aurora said She collects moths so that might be part of it," according to MF.

"She said if She finds a dead one She puts it in a glass bottle. Howard asked Alf if Aurora is a real original. Alf said it is fun. He said He has seen her moths.

He said She tried to feed him one once. Aurora said She had one in her mouth to see what it would be like. She doesn't recommend doing that though. Howard said she's into some weird stuff."

You can check out some highlights from AURORA's visit to the Stern Show in the audio clips below.

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