'The Young Turks': Trump Fan Says Jesus, Trump Against Women Leaders (Watch)

The Young Turks (TYT)'s Jordan Chariton was out on the trail again, and interviewed an interesting (and badly uninformed) group of people. The most notable interview, however, was of a woman who claimed that Trump would 'absolutely' not want a woman president -- and neither would Jesus.

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The interview was a typical one for The Young Turks, with Trump supporters complaining about the specter of Sharia law creeping up all over the US, and Confederate flags flying everywhere.

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But one woman stood out. The woman began the conversation by calling Hillary Clinton a b---h. She then said:

Absolutely not, I don't believe there should be a woman president. I believe in Christianity, and I see that she doesn't stand for the [sic] Christianity.
Women should stand back from things like this.

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Later in the conversation, she says:

The Young Turks' Chariton: Is that a thing where you think Jesus wouldn't think women should be leading countries?
Woman: Big possibility
The Young Turks' Chariton: Mr Trump, he hasn't said that...but do you think he'd agree with you?
Woman: Absolutely
The Young Turks' Chariton: He'd agree no women president?
Woman: Absolutely, 100%

You can watch the whole interview:

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