Minor Plot Details Revealed For Supergirl's Season 2 Final Episode

The Season 2 finale for Supergirl now has a synopsis. This will be the big showdown until the series will return for its third season where another villain is expected to appear. Until then, Supergirl will have her hands full in this season finale.

As reported by Heroic Hollywood, the season 2 finale will see Superman returning while Supergirl has to protect National City from danger. Things are going to get rough for Supergirl with the fact that Superman is needed back in National City. We last saw him in the first two episodes of season 2. The synopsis for the episode can be seen below.

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) challenges Rhea (guest star Teri Hatcher) to battle to save National City. Meanwhile, Superman (guest star Tyler Hoechlin) returns and Cat Grant (guest star Calista Flockhart) offers Supergirl some sage advice.

Superman and Cat Grant aren't the only famous characters that will be in the season finale. General Zod is expected to make an appearance as well. Zod has always been a formidable foe so it might take both the efforts of Superman and Supergirl to take him down.

The episode is also going to tease who the Season 3 bad guy will be. It will be interesting to see which DC villain will be chosen as there are a lot to select from. We'll just have to wait and see when this episode airs on May 22nd.

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Hopefully the rest of Season 2 ends with a bang. The middle part of Season 2 took a little dip in quality focusing more on relationships as opposed to action. Things should get more exciting now with Queen Rhea's plan being set in motion.

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