Playstation 3 'Music Unlimited' Receives Update

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Music Unlimited is Sony's app that allows Playstation users to listen to over "30 million songs." The app was original called "Qriocity," and its goal was to compete with Apple's iTunes.

In 2011, Sony rebranded the app-- giving the service its current name.

The electronics company announced via Twitter that Music Unlimited for the Playstation 3 has been redesigned to "improve performance."

The company stated on their blog, "Focusing on music discovery and quicker access to your favorite tracks, the updated app is modeled after our Music Unlimited PS4 app.

When you open the new MU app on PS3, the first thing you'll notice is the redesigned home page which showcases the latest releases, as well as new playlists and channels."

The blog post offers users a tour of the operating system's new design, its sections include: Home Page, Charts, Playlists, Channels, My Library, and Settings.

Sony promised a better experience with the update, and welcomed feedback from its users.

But the response from Playstation owners hasn't been positive; people stated via Twitter that the upgrade didn't address any of the apps weaknesses, while others were upset that the company wasn't updating the app's Playstation 4 counterpart.

The displeasure that gamers expressed could stem from the fact that Playstation Network(PSN) temporarily went down last week. Leaving Playstation gamers offline, the event caused a backlash on social media.