Mellavelli Will Be Streaming on Sunday

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Mellavelli, the creator of Dragonball Absalon, will be streaming himself animating this Sunday.

He made the announcement in a Youtube video, and told people living in other parts of the world what time they would be able to watch him show off his talents.

The stream, according to Mellavelli, will not be related to Absalon; he stated that he didn't want to spoil any plot points that would be revealed in the upcoming episode.

But fans have been waiting for the series' third installment since 2013.

Episode 3 of Absalon, according to past videos from Mellavelli, will be a complete 30-minute episode. This is a much longer length than the first two episodes, which are both 15 minutes long.

He announced that Absalon episode 3 would be released on July 30, 2015.

Absalon has gathered a considerable following since it debuted in 2012. With over 100,000 likes on Facebook, the fan-made show continues Goku's story after the conclusion of Dragonball GT.

It takes characters from other Dragonball fan series; Mellavelli has released videos showing Xicor, the non-canon villain often associated with Toyble's Dragonball AF.

You will be able to watch Mellavelli animate on Sunday, if you're interested. For more about Mellavelli, visit his studio's official website here. For more about Dragonball Absalon, visit the series' official Facebook page here.