Madden Video Game Series Has Accurately Predicted Super Bowl 3 out of Last 4 Years

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You could say that the wild finish to Super Bowl 49 was about as unpredictable as a game could get--except that a video game predicted the contest's final score correctly.

As part of the company's Ultimate Super Bowl promotion, EA Sports predicted the game would end with a final score of 28-24 in favor of the Patriots.

Madden nailed it this time, and the popular video game series has proven to be nearly clairvoyant in recent years: In 2012, when the Patriots last played in the big game, Madden 2012 foretold a Giants triumph with a score of 27-24. The exact score was slightly off.

In real life, the Giants won 21-17.

"The EA Sports video game Madden 2012, has predicted the winner of Super Bowl 2012 after a simulation was played and posted on YouTube," SB Nation stated in 2012."According to the popular game, the New York Giants will edge the New England Patriots, 27-24, in the Super Bowl."

This trend of accuracy continued with the Super Bowl between the 49ers and the Ravens, when Madden 2013 predicted a Baltimore victory by a margin of 3 points, which actually happened.

In 2014, however, Madden 25 predicted the Broncos would beat the Seahawks 31-28 in overtime. What happened in real life was one of the worst routs in Super Bowl history.

"The Madden NFL 25 Super Bowl Prediction is calling for Peyton Manning to be the first ever quarterback to lead two different franchises to Super Bowl victories," EA Sports stated in a press release in 2014, "with the Broncos defeating the Seahawks 31-28 in overtime."

Was 2014 a fluke? Have the people EA Sports truly become masters at simulating the most popular sport in America? Only time will tell. But, just ask Tom Brady: 3 wins in 4 years isn't a bad trend.