Bayonetta 2 Review Causing Stir on Twitter

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Bayonetta 2, the upcoming action title from Platinum Games, launches on October 24. And it's trending on Twitter.

Fans are reacting to the reviews that are pouring onto cyberspace. The feedback is, overall, positive; the title has a near-perfect score on Metacritic. But Polygon's review of the game is getting a poor reaction from some fans.

Bayonetta features a female protagonist, and her latest outing allegedly shows her in a provocative manner.

"On one side of the knife is a character action game that refines the incredible combat foundations of the original Bayonetta," Polygon states in their review of the game, "On the other, the deliberate sexualization and objectification on display serves as a jarring distraction from the creativity and design smarts elsewhere."

Polygon gave Bayonetta 2 a 7.5 out of 10--a score that is far below the mean. Gamespot gave the title a perfect 10, calling it "Essential." With its popularity, Twitter users are erupting in dissent of Polygon's review.

Platinum Games is releasing another game starring a female character this month; The Legend of Korra will be available for download on October 21. Based on the hit television series, critics see Korra as a break from the typical female protagonist.

"What really endears me to the show if Korra herself," Destructoid states, "She's tough, brash, impulsive--everything the previous Avatar was not. It's entertaining to go from the wise, collected Aang to this different incarnation, only to realize that they both share the same righteous conviction.

Two sides of the same coin--fitting analogy for a show so firmly rooted in themes of duality and harmony. Oh, and she happens to be a girl."

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