Next Mass Effect Development Team Announced

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Mass Effect, the popular RPG series from Bioware, has a development team for its next installment.

Bioware announced the development team in a press release: the lead writer, Chris Schlerf; the senior development director, Chris Wynn; producer, Fabrice Condominas; lead designer, Ian Frazier; art director, Joel MacMillan; creative director, Mac Walters; producer, Mike Gambler; and studio director, Yanick Roy.

"When I think of us making the next Mass Effect game, my head spins," Bioware stated in a press release. "In some ways, things have changed greatly in the past few years: we wrapped up the Mass Effect Trilogy (an almost 10-year endeavor), we adopted new technology in the Frostbite engine, and fans have new consoles to enjoy.

Luckily for me, I get to work with experienced and talented people who love Mass Effect as much as I do."

In addition to the development team, concept art for the game was teased. They show the potential that the game has on the eighth generation consoles.

The shots show off futuristic cities for which the brand is known. You can view the images here.

Mass Effect's last installment was Mass Effect 3. Released in 2012, the game had one of the least liked endings in recent memory.

"Ending a game like Mass Effect 3 poses a special set of problems," Kotaku wrote, "because a central attraction of Western RPGs is that their systems respond to player choice."

For more about the Mass Effect series, visit the series' official website here.

via IGN