MyRealGames Site Launches Thrill-A-Minute Racing Games and Hidden Object Murder Mysteries for October

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Avid gamers searching for an adrenaline rush are in luck this week, with the addition of dynamic new games from the online games experts at MyRealGames.

Nikolai Veselov, of, says, "Were thrilled to launch these fast-paced racing titles and the intriguing murder mysteries.

We strive to offer gamers access to games in as many formats as possible, and with downloadable titles, online games and mobile apps, we're confident our new gaming selection is the best and most accessible around!"

The site, which already offers some of the best online racing games on the web, has recently added a range of new titles to its extensive collection, to guarantee that MyRealGames is the premier destination for gamers who love to be on the edge of their seats!

Robo Racing online title is totally free and compatible with PCs, offering a competitive racing experience like no other! With an unforgettable mix of racing and fighting, players looking to play Robo Racing online can beat their enemy on the track in their RoboCar, or take them on in the ring for a double dose of action.

Next up there's Brink of Consciousness, a Hidden Object game.

This game takes players on a trip back in time to 19th century England, where a father is desperately trying to rescue his daughter from the clutches of a serial killer.

The mystery and the intrigue increase as the plot unfolds and players try to put an end to the whirlwind of crime that's plagued Victorian Britain.

The third new title is Agatha Christie: Dead Man's Folly, another mystery game where players join forces to the famous detective, Hercule Poirot, to solve an intriguing murder mystery.

There are hidden clues scattered throughout the game, and players must decode secret messages and solve complex puzzles to unravel a story of deception, secrets and a fatal end

Ion Drift: Epsilon is a futuristic racing title that combines speed boosts and trance music for a totally invigorating experience.

Thrill rides don't get much more exciting than this - and as you complete more levels, the speed of your vehicle rises for an even bigger adrenaline rush! This game is playable on all mobile devices, making it one of the most versatile new games of the bunch.