Are Cursing Hatchimals A Thing?

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Remember the Furby Craze? Yeah those little gremlin look-a-likes that talked to you and batted their eyelids.

Well a new craze is here for the new generation called Hatchimals. Like the Furby, these toys have the ability to engage with kids but there are reports buzzing of these toys saying curse words.

"A mother and father in B.C. claim their child's new Hatchimal toy is spouting swear words, amid an otherwise unintelligible stream of gibberish," according to a CTVNews report.

"I'm pretty sure it says 'f--- me,'" Nick Galego told CTV Vancouver Island, a few days after his son received a coveted Hatchimal under the Christmas tree."

CTVNews took the recording in the video below to the street to find out if anyone else was hearing the swear words. Some did think that the sounds were slightly pornographic but kids don't seem to notice.

Spin Master, the maker of the toy issued a statement to CTVNews and assured everyone that the Hatchimal was not swearing. Check out the video below and let us know what you hear.

Are Cursing Hatchimals A Thing?