Epic Games Hosting Unreal Tournament Event

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Epic Games, developers of Unreal Tournament (UT), posted on their Instagram that they are hosting a portion of their popular game's community.

The company hopes to get "feedback" from their players about the "prototype version of the new Unreal Tournament." They announced the event on August 5, and stated that "this is only the first of our UT events and we look forward to hosting more people in the future."

News broke of the new UT game earlier this year.

Confirming that it will run on Unreal Engine 4, Epic Games also said that it would be free to play.

Gamespot reported that the studio hopes to make new UT game a collaboration between "Epic Games, Unreal Tournament fans, and Unreal Engine 4 developers."

Epic Games continued by saying to Gamespot that they hoped players would join them--punctuating their statement with "it's going to be fun."

The first UT was released in 1999 for Dreamcast, Linux, Macintosh, Playstation 2, and Windows. An immediate hit, multiple sequels followed.

Since its late 20th Century release, the game has gathered a following of fans--all of whom would dream of getting an opportunity to give the developers of UT feedback.

Starting today, the event will run until Sunday, September 7.