New App Brings You Medical Marijuana

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If the Domino's app can bring you a pizza, why not have an app that delivers medical marijuana?

Nestdrop is the country's first in-app, on-demand medical marijuana delivery service for both iOS and Android.

Available now for alcohol deliveries for Los Angeles area residents, Nestdrop's medical marijuana delivery service will launch soon in the same easy-to-use app and promises delivery in under an hour.

Unlike other online medical marijuana delivery services, Nestdrop is the first to provide an entirely in-app marketplace experience.

"After our initial success with alcohol deliveries, we decided to expand when we saw how this platform could be used to bring difficult-to-obtain products to people who really need them," said Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher.

"We began talking to patients and found a genuine need out there for improved access to this medicine."

As part of the simple registration process, medical marijuana patients must upload a photo of a doctor's recommendation and Medical Marijuana Identification Card to access Nestdrop's medical marijuana section.

Once manually approved by a local dispensary, which can take as little as five minutes, patients will have full access to the same medicine that they are used to getting in-person, for the same donation amount.

Nestdrop worked with local doctors to categorize the available medicine based on the relief it provides.

There are various symptoms patients can choose from including nausea, insomnia, pain, anxiety and spasms. Available medicine is dependent upon the supply of local dispensaries and comes in the choice of CBD, bud, edible and concentrate.

To reduce delivery wait times, Nestdrop has partnered with multiple dispensaries and liquor stores serving the Los Angeles area.

Nestdrop currently serves Los Angeles residents as far west & south as Marina del Rey, east to Silver Lake and north to Encino, with plans to expand throughout Southern California and beyond.

Nestdrop is compliant with all of California's medical marijuana laws and takes security and age limits seriously.

All orders are processed with the highest level of security using a 256-bit encrypted "token". Anyone purchasing alcohol or medicinal marijuana must be of legal age, with proof of ID required at delivery.

"We intentionally chose this highly-regulated industry because Nestdrop is committed to providing safe and legal access to medicinal marijuana for those who truly need it," continued Pycher.

"Suffering patients are often less mobile and can be restricted by their ailments or are even uncomfortable visiting a dispensary.

We believe this app structure and delivery model - tested and proven through our experience with alcohol delivery - has the potential to have a huge impact on the quality of life for patients here in Los Angeles."

Available since June as an alcohol delivery app, Nestdrop features Los Angeles' largest selection of beer, wine and spirits at competitive prices. Users can easily order their favorite spirit and it will be delivered in an hour or less.

Nestdrop's alcohol and medical marijuana delivery services are available in the same app on both iOS and Android but orders must be made separately. For direct download links and more information, please visit