The Crew Release Date Delayed, New Beta Announced

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The release date of The Crew has been delayed until December 2. Originally scheduled for release on November 11, Ubisoft explained why it was delayed; the company is planning another closed beta.

"That's just a couple of months away--and less than a month later than the initial release date of November 11," Ubisoft stated, "but there's a good reason for the small delay.

It's because the teams at Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections are listening to all of you.

In fact, a second console closed beta is planed for November, giving players another opportunity to jump into The Crew ahead of its release and help shape the game."

A closed beta for The Crew was held on September 30, and it allowed players to get a sampling of the game--including two of the game's regions and car types. That was one of three closed betas, according to Ubisoft.

The development team behind The Crew has been tweaking the game during each beta.

"The Crew has already completed three closed betas--two on PC, plus a limited technical beta on new-gen consoles," Ubisoft stated, " and each time they've kept their ears to the road, listening and learning.

Yes, they were fiddling with things like server loads and tinkering with technical adjustments."

Fans have to wait a bit longer than expected; The Crew is scheduled to hit shelves on December 2. For more about the game visit its official website here.