Legend of Korra Book 4, Episode 9 'Beyond the Wilds' Clip Posted

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Nickelodeon posted a clip from the next Legend of Korra episode on their website.

Titled "Beyond the Wilds," something is happening with the spirit vines in Republic City; an airbender is giving a halfhearted tour of the spirit forest when the mystical foliage attacks him and his party.

The vine activity could have something to do with Kuvira's experiments with the spirit weapon. She demanded that spirit vine samples be taken from a massive tree in a swamp.

And, given the spirits and humans' history of conflict (see the beginning of Book 3: Change), it is possible that the former takes Kuvira's experiment as an attack by the entire human population.

The writers of the show have left a lot of open plotlines for a season that is nearing its end; Suyin and her family have been incarcerated, Korra is still hallucinating, Bolin and Varrick are presumed dead, Asami has been talking with her father again, and we still haven't seen exactly what goes on in Kuvira's prisons and reeducation camps.

All of these arcs have yet to be resolved, and the writers are going to have to do them quickly with only 5 episodes remaining in the season.

"Beyond the Wilds" will be on Nick's website on Friday. If you want to watch the preview clip, visit the official Legend of Korra page here.