What is Ello: Access Code Only? And Could It Kill Facebook?

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Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers. Or at least that is exactly how they describe themselves.

So quirky new start-up or game-changing social network player? Well, recently there have been a lot of people wanting to try the service out. Being ad-free is a nice feature and the exclusivity is still in place (it's still in beta).

It is clean and simple, just like Facebook had intended to be.

Ello did raise an undisclosed amount of capital back in January from FreshTracks Capital but has only recent exploded in popularity. Artists, LGBTQ, and Facebook haters are all trying to move over (at least to get their toes wet).

The buzz over Ello will have to be watched carefully, as many social media platforms come and go. However, this one seems to have more legs than most at the moment.

Ello also lets you organize your Friends into categories, making sure you only get updates from people you actually like. So it remains to be seen what happens here.

But with venture capitalist backing, this will have to start producing revenue or get bought out. So excitement aside and future aside, try it out for yourself (if you have an access code).