Final Fantasy VII recreated in Minecraft

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Midgar, the setting of Final Fantasy VII, has been recreated in Minecraft by the modder, Killerx20.

Kotaku originally reported about the project taking years to complete, according to a post on the Minecraft forums.

"The map is 6642 Minecraft chunks, 1290x1290 blocksin length and wideth and uses the full 0-255 height limit." Killerx20 stated. "As a lot (of people) are probably wondering, yes, more (than) 85% of his build WAS indeed hand placed."

The map will have a lot of locations familiar to fans of the classic RPG, including: Sector 1 Mako Reactor, Sector 1 Station, Sector 8 Town Square, Shinra Headquarters, Crisis Core SOLDIER's floor level 49, All Mako Reactor interiors, Sector 7 slums, Sector 6 slums, and Aeris' house.

Final Fantasy VII is a game that is always rumored amongst fans. When the Playstation 3 was in production, a tech demo that recreated the opening cinematic of the classic title was teased--sparking rumor that a full remake was in the works.

There have been spin offs, but no official remake; Crisis Core was a prequel for the game released on the PSP and Dirge of Cerberus--released on the PlayStation 2-- allowed players to step into Vincent Valentine's shoes.

Go here if you want to download the Midgar mod for Minecraft. For more about the Final Fantasy series--including the upcoming title, Final Fantasy XV-- visit Square Enix's website here.