Close Castles Coming to PlayStation 4 in 2015

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Asher Vollmer, the developer of Threes!, has announced that Close Castles is coming to the PlayStation 4.

He also stated that his game would be available to demo at the PlayStation Experience.

Volmer posted a few screen caps from Close Castles on the PlayStation Blog; the game looks like an electronic board game. Volmer stated that the game's visuals are "cute as heck."

Vollmer also stated that Close Castles would epitomize brevity.

"The games are incredibly quick," Vollmer posted on the PlayStation Blog, "they average around three minutes each on the fastest game speed. Buliding the game for a controller has inspired me to make the controls as simple as possible.

You move your cursor around the field and press a button to build structures. What you build and where you build it will determine you and your opponent's collective fate."

The premise of Close Castles is that of forced conflict; you and your opponent have built two castles too close in proximity. And it is up to you to establish your structure as the better of the pair.

Close Castles will be available for the PlayStation 4 in 2015. But if you can't wait to get your hands on the title, you can play it at the PlayStation Experience.