Legend of Korra Series Finale Clip Posted

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Spoiler alert: Korra and the rest of her allies survived the giant robot's blast at the end of "Kuvira's Gambit." And it was due to Bolin's ability to levitate a giant boulder.

A new clip was posted teasing the series finale on Nick's website. And it looks like Team Avatar wants to launch a counterattack and defeat Kuvira before she hurts more innocent civilians.

Lin joins the group and agrees that they need to stop Kuvira before more harm is done. Asami states that, while most of her suits were destroyed in Kuvira's pillaging of the city, there are a few remaining in her office. Korra orders Suyin to take Bataar, who is unconscious from the blast at the end of "Kuvira's Gambit," to safety.

This could be a trump card at the end of the finale; Bataar has been allied with Kuvira throughout the season.

But since the power-crazed dictator fired her spirit weapon on him, it will be unlikely that he wants to remain at her side.

It's possible that Bataar knows a weakness in the giant robot's design, which would give Korra and the rest of her team the opportunity to destroy the machine.

The Legend of Korra finale is premiering Friday on Nick.com. Be sure to stay tuned for our review. For more about the series, visit its official website here.