Final Fantasy Explorers Has A Pre-Order Incentive

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The Final Fantasy series is one of the longest running role-playing franchises.

Starting on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) the series is still popular in the modern era of gaming-- featuring legendary titles like Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy X.

Square Enix, the developer of the popular series, announced that those who pre-order Final Fantasy Explorers in Japan would be given a download code for Final Fantasy 1.

"This version of Final Fantasy 1 is not the NES Virtual Console rerelease," reported Gameranx, "It is a souped up version with enhanced graphics. It is similar to the Playstation Portable version, but has a deeper color palette."

According to Joystiq, Final Fantasy Explorers tells the story of characters who "collect the world's crystals while battling Summons- AKA giant monters from other Final Fantasy games."

Joystiq went on to say that the game will feature characters that "span the Final Fantasy series' multiple generations."

But the title is only set for release in Japan.

Gameranx, however, reported that Square Enix "filed a trademark for Final Fantasy Explorers with the US Patent and Trademark Office." Filed on June 16, this could mean that an American release will happen.

Slated for release in Japan on December 18, Final Fantasy Explorers will sate RPG fans until Square Enix reveals more details about Final Fantasy XV, which is set to be the series' debut on the eighth generation consoles.