Samsung Galaxy Commercial Calls Out Apple's iPhone 6 For 'Imitating' It With Twitter Reactions

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This weekend Samsung unleashed a commercial that fires shots directly at Apple for creating a larger phone or "phablet" which they say looks like the original Galaxy

"When the Galaxy Note launched in 2011 it was ahead of its time and naturally when things are new and different sometimes people aren't ready for them," said the narrator of the commercial.

"Experts saw the bigger screen and were like you look like you're talkin' into a piece of toast, now it's not being dismissed by competitors it's being imitated."

That is where Samsung started to hint towards Apple and the rest of the competitors in the industry.

Samsung has created larger phones that have ben successful in the market and they haven't wasted anytime letting the public know that they were the originators.

"Today people are saying, 'Is it just me or does the new iPhone 6 looks like a galaxy note 2 from 2012,'" said the narrator, "'It's cute how apple thinks their phablet is a fresh idea when Samsung has been excelling at them for years #nextbigthing.'"

Now Samsung has successfully taken reactions on Twitter and used them to their advantage.

In actuality they have distanced themselves from actually being the ones who make the statement in order to show consumers that those who have already used the Galaxy and have been for years, know that it is the originator.

Check out the controversial commercial below.