Dragon Age Inquisition Glitch Crashes Final Boss Fight

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Dragon Age Inquisition, the latest role-playing game from Bioware, launched this year. In the game, you play as an anonymous Inquisitor believed to be divine; Gamespot gave the game a 9 out 10--calling it "one for the ages."

This reception has been standard for Bioware's latest release: It currently holds a score of 89 on Metacritic.

Players, however, have run into problems during the game's final battle--issues that Bioware didn't write into the game's engrossing narrative.

The last mission of the game is called "Doom Upon All the World"; it is the final bout with Corypheus that was built up throughout the game's story.

Fighting a darkspawn with the ambition of becoming a god along with his sidekick dragon sounds like a worthy conclusion to the epic RPG. But a bug has tainted the experience for some players. The fight with Corypheus is divided into segments, and--in the second portion--the developers of the game make it clear that even a darkspawn with divine ambitions isn't immune to a glitch; a cinematic is supposed to load, but some players experienced a bug where Corypheus just shrugs and does nothing.

The player is free to slash, pummel, and maim Corypheus as he or she sees fit. But it's impossible to get his hit points down to zero.

Freezing after his health hits one, the Inquisitor is doomed to a fate far worse than anything Corypheus had in mind: glitch purgatory.

A fan reported the bug on the EA forums, and 13 other users confirmed that they experienced the same issue. In some cases, the error can be fixed by reloading your most recent saved file.

But that's beside the point: A glitch of this magnitude is not what you want in the climactic final battle with your nemesis.

A patch was released for the game this week that fixed several bugs in the game. The glitch with Corypheus, however, is not listed among them. Furthermore, I experienced this issue after I downloaded the most recent patch.

Even if it reloads properly, does a glitch this blatant kill your immersion in the game's world? Let us know in the comment section.