Lionhead Teasing Screenshots from Fable Legends

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Lionhead Studios, the company behind Fable, teased a screenshot from Fable Legends. The shot was released to get fans excited for the upcoming Fable Legends Multiplayer Beta, which starts on October 16.

Fable Legends was announced in August of 2013.

"The game will take place in an 'online world' and feature integration with SmartGlass," Gamespot reported following the game's announcement, "Fable Legends is a four-player co-op adventure, with players able to tackle the game wolo with three A.I companions if they choose.

Four characters have been shown so far, including a mage who freezes enemies in place and an archer, though Lionhead promises that many more heroes will be in the final game."

The Fable franchise has been one of fluctuating success; the series' first game hit shelves in 2004. After its release, game creator Peter Molyneux was accused of making false promises about the game.

"If I have mentioned any feature in the past which, for whatever reason didn't make it as I described into Fable, I apologise," Molyneux wrote in 2004, Every feature that I ever talked about WAS in development, but not all made it.

Often the reason is that the feature did not make sense."

Fable II, however, was well received by critics. It was re-released with a "Game of the Year Edition" subtitle the following year.

But Fable III, released in 2010, received mixed reviews. While it currently holds a 4 out of 5 star rating on Metacritic, some critics saw it as a flawed rehashing of the series' second installment.

The Fable Legends Multiplayer Beta starts on October 16. You can sign up for it here. For more about Lionhead Studios, go to their official website here.