In Neptune, Have Mercy, You Explore Alien Moon's Ocean

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Underwater is a scary place. All sorts of creepy monsters lurk beneath the ocean's surface, such as the Giant Squid, The Goblin Shark, and other monstrosities of nature.

Now, imagine the ocean in an alien world: Neptune's moon, Triton, to be specific.

In Neptune, Have Mercy--a title developed by Octopodo Interactive-- your job will be to traverse the depths of Triton's sea and combat creatures--all while keeping your crew alive in a submarine.

"The Vintridge Corporation has granted a small group of expert scientists the mission of a lifetime, " Octopodo stated on the game's Kickstarter, "an exploratory expedition to Triton, the mysterious moon of Neptune.

These scientists, escorted by some of the military's top brass as well as Vintridge specialists, board a submarine and dive into the deep dark oceans of Triton.

To their delight, this new world is vibrantly alive and overflowing with riches. Around every corner, however, mortal danger lies in wait."

The gameplay looks to have a mixture of 2-D and 3-D elements, and your underwater vessel comes equipped with all sorts of different weaponry you can use to defeat your nemeses.

"In Neptune, Have Mercy," Octopodo stated, "you will embark on a deep sea voyage, exploring the depths of an alien world in an action exploration roguelike.

The game is Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Ecco the Dolphin meet FTL with a splash of Metroid."

The title currently has 28 days left on its Kickstarter. It has raised $3,050 of its $20,000 goal. For more about the game, visit Octopodo Interactive's official website here.