Destiny Has Its First Level 30 Guardian

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Destiny was released to overwhelming demand and mediocre reviews. A role-playing game where you traverse the solar system, one player has finally earned the distinction of Level 30--the highest level allowed in the title.

Gamespot reported that the man's name is Mark Edward Neace Jr., a player who has two other active Destiny characters--both registering at Level 20, which is the game's soft level cap.

"Guardians can climb to the current maximum level of 30 by hunting down rare pieces of armor filled with light points," Gamespot stated.

The time Neace Jr. put in to reach the gaming plateau was substantial.

"BGTV N3AC3Y racked up 107 hours, 15 minutes, and 22 seconds with Destiny in the weeks after its launch," Joystiq reported, "spending around 25 percent of their playthrough in the multiplayer crucible mode.

The world's top Guardian spent 13 hours, 6 minutes, and 40 seconds trekking through the recently introduced Vault of Glass raid, dying 251 times in the process."

Despite the amount of time some people are putting into the game, critics are reviewing Destiny in a fashion that does not do justice to its pre-release hype.

"Destiny is a mechanically excellent, visually evocative FPS housed within an under-developed RPG framework," IGN stated, "The endgame might hook you for the long haul once you fully understand it, but Destiny is ultimately unable to be all the different games it's trying so hard to be."

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