The Drupal 8 Production Wait Is Almost Over

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Drupal 8 is almost here, and the fans are getting restless.

User 'drumm' posted a development version of the CMS in July and it was majorly updated today.

For users that have been diving into the new version of the legendary platform already, they have been met with few bugs and a lot of praise.

Acquia has not set a date yet for the release but they are actively training people in the new version. When that sort of thing happens, we are likely weeks away.

Drupal 8 is slated to make a glorious comeback as a CMS that lost serious market share due to the simplicity of Wordpress. Drupal in the past has been too inwardly focused which is all about to change.

Drupal 8 is going to be much more universally PHP than ever before. So the migrations that need to happen between Drupal 6 or 7 is incredibly complicated, and likely what is taking so long.

So just like children are waiting anxiously for the day when they can run downstairs and open presents, developers now sit at their screens waiting for a full production release of Drupal 8.

However, don't expect 8 to be as timely as Santa Claus, this one still has some bugs to work out. We'll see how it compares to Wordpress