Digital Day Planner Helps Organize, Prioritize & Personalize Back-to-School & Back-to-Work

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In today's mobile culture, the classic handwritten day planner has been surpassed by digital device use.

But even with the advent of mobile technology, there has been a digital void for organizing personal and professional life priorities--the function that standard paper-and-ink planners served for decades.

iStratus DayPlanner was developed to fill this void, efficiently keeping all data in one place and customized by the individual user.

In combination with Dropbox cloud storage, the iStratus DayPlanner makes the iPhone, iPad--and even the iPod--as productive as they were designed to be.

With back-to-school and back-to-work, iStratus DayPlanner helps individuals, families, students and professionals by providing unprecedented digital organizing capabilities.

Many consider this app to be the digital equivalent of the handwritten day planner, now with safe data storage and numerous technical innovations.

"Our goal has been to empower the user to personalize, customize and organize their day planner to meet their unique needs," says Mark Johns, chief technology officer of iStratus LLC. "The iStratus DayPlanner essentially supercharges the Dropbox storage service."

One key feature of the iStratus DayPlanner that is particularly useful for families working on school assignments or colleagues working on projects, is the Schedule or calendar functionality. Each person can utilize the calendar he/she is accustomed to using.

The iStratus DayPlanner gathers and connects multiple calendars--whether in Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar and others--for one seamless integration that makes the Schedule shareable among other users when desired.

Events, appointments, notes, tasks and to-dos can be added when offline, synced when an internet connection is restored, and then propagated to the entire sharing user group.

iStratus DayPlanner has standard folders and templates for repeating events, follow-ups, planning and ideas.

"This is the user interface that makes Dropbox shine, and engages the user of Dropbox to have ownership--creating their own custom colors, icons and templates, and upgrading from what is otherwise a static, standard view of Dropbox storage," says Johns.

The iStratus DayPlanner is a free download at the Apple App Store during the introductory period. Search for iStratus to find the app. Discover more and view nine one-minute how-to videos at