App Tells You Who Is Behind The Heavy Breathing On Blocked Calls

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When Marissa Bush began receiving harassing calls from a blocked number she came to dread the familiar ring of her mobile phone.

Her phone is the lifeblood of her home business, and she could not afford to let an anonymous voice cripple her. That is when Marissa fought back with TrapCall, the only service that allows users to unmask blocked caller ID.

"Four or five months after a relationship I was in ended terribly I began receiving harassing blocked calls. It became more and more frequent, and I had a feeling I was going to have to go to the authorities," said Marissa.

"That is why I found TrapCall. It unmasked these blocked calls
and helped me solve my problem. I have since kept the service because the experience taught me the value of always knowing who is calling me and my business."

Short of changing phone numbers, victims of blocked call abuse have few options.

Filing a complaint through law enforcement can be a complicated process requiring subpoenas.

With subscriptions starting at $4.95/month, TrapCall starts solving a user's problem the first time he or she receives a blocked call to his or her TrapCall enabled mobile phone.

"The anonymity of blocked caller ID gives stalkers, exes, and harassing telemarketers the ability to victimize almost anyone with a mobile phone.

TrapCall gives customers back their mobile privacy," said Ethan Garr, TrapCall's General Manager, "With name and address caller ID, the ability to blacklist numbers, and even an inbound call recording feature, TrapCall can stop the heavy breathing and hang ups for victims of blocked call abuse."

Users sign up for an account and activate TrapCall by downloading an iPhone or Android App or by visiting When a call comes in from "no caller ID" or "blocked caller ID" TrapCall users decline or reject the call.

This forwards their call to TrapCall, where the number is unblocked and instantly relayed back to the user. TrapCall has unmasked more than 11,400,000 blocked calls.