Moon Hunters Has More Stretch Goals In Final Days of Kickstarter

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Kitfox Games, the developer of Moon Hunters, is close to reaching another stretch goal on Kickstarter.

With the Playstation 4 stretch goal reached, the indie game developer is close to making Moon Hunters available for the Playstation Vita.

In an update on their Kickstarter, Kitfox wrote about the possibility of a Playstation Vita version of Moon Hunters.

"Next up: Vita, Languages, and Biodiversity!" Kitfox began, "The Playstation Vita is a beautiful device and we'd love to add cross-buy and ad-hoc multiplater to it--if this stretch goal is reached, we'll do our best to do both, and at the very least, the game will exist as a single-player exploration game."

Square Enix Collective, the company promoting the game's development, posted about the stretch goal via Twitter. They encouraged gamers to donate as the title enters its final days of fundraising.

The Vita, however, isn't the only stretch goal that Kitfox hopes to reach; the indie developer is hoping to bring Moon Hunters to non- English speakers, in addition to increasing the virtual world's biodiversity.

"As for languages," Kitfox stated, " your support will help us afford to actually pay the help for high-quality translations, instead of relying on the kind hearts of our volunteers! And the richness of the world is an infinite project of course, but the More enemies stretch will guarantee we hire contractors to fill an extra couple species per biome."

Moon Hunters will be available for purchase in 2015. For more information, go to the game's website.