Activision Offering Led Zeppelin-Inspired Contest To Destiny Fans

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Destiny, the game that debuted in an unprecedented manner, was aggressively promoted before its release. Among the trailers was a live action promo where three players sped through the solar system to Led Zeppelin accompaniment.

Activision, the company behind the release of Destiny, is offering a promotion to fans of the record-selling game. They announced the contest via the official Twitter page for Destiny.

And they added a link to the details of the competition; it began today at 10 Am PST and ends September 16 at 11:59 Pm PST.

Fans who can name the Led Zeppelin song in the game's live action trailer have a chance to win the following: a copy of Led Zeppelin I Deluxe LP, a copy of Led Zeppelin II Deluxe LP, a copy of Led Zeppelin III Deluxe LP, a limited- edition turntable mats, or a Led Zeppelin button set.

The song is, for people unfamiliar with classic rock music, the Immigrant Song--the first track off of Led Zeppelin's third album, aptly titled Led Zeppelin III. From the response the contest has received, it appears that fans of the game aren't having a hard time identifying the song.

Grossing $500 Million in day one sales, the prizes given away are estimated at a mere $709.70. And, that is not a large sum of money considering the game's retail performance.