Steve and Larson Streaming Call of Duty on Twitch Tonight at 7PM EST

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Steve and Larson, the masterminds behind the Ten FTW series on Machinima, will be streaming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on Twitch tonight at 7pm EST. The popular duo will be playing the latest title in the hit shooter franchise on Machinima's Twitch page.

They will also be streaming NBA 2K15.

They invited their fans to watch via Twitter.

Steve and Larson are Internet personalities that make "Top 10" lists and stream video games. Their lists are video game related and span from "Top 10 Most Violent Video Games" to "Top 10 Halo Characters."

They are known for their quirky sense of humor and sarcastic commentary.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare hit shelves this week. Taking place in the near future, the game features futuristic combat; players are able to equip their characters with exo suits tailored to traverse hostile environments.

The game has a science fiction feel to it, as it features a "flying giant snake made entirely of drones" early in its campaign mode.

Advanced Warfare is the first title from Sledgehammer Games since Modern Warfare 3 was released in 2011. Both are seen as highlights of the annual franchise.

For more about Call of Duty, visit its official website here. If you want to watch Steve and Larsons "Top 10" countdowns, visit their Youtube page here.