Final Fantasy XV Will Be One Massive Map Says Director

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F inal Fantasy XV will be joining the sandbox fad, according to Gamespot. Hajime Tabata, the director of the game, told the website "the world is connected by continuous land."

"If those areas were disconnected," Tabata continued, "it would feel distant from reality.

You'll find that you'll be able to walk or drive or take a train and travel through this world seamlessly. I feel you'll be able to experience something similar to a real trip."

The trailer for Final Fantasy XV took the gaming world by storm when it launched in 2014. It featured four comrades driving through a mythical landscape in a stylish car.

According to Tabata, the trailer won't be far off from what we'll get in the final product--albeit with better graphics, given the promise at the beginning of it.

Giant maps have been the latest craze in gaming. Grand Theft Auto V's map size was boasted considerably prior to its release. There is, however, an issue with some sandboxes: There is nothing to do in them.

When Batman: Arkham Origins was released, Gamespot stated in its review that game's map was "bigger for the sake of being bigger"--meaning that there was little to do in all of its vastness.

Square Enix has already shown off some cities in Final Fantasy XV, but we will have to wait for its release in order to tell if its depth merits its scale.

For more about Final Fantasy XV, visit its official website here.