Platinum Games Confirms Legend of Korra Secret Difficulty Setting

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Platinum Games, the developer of the upcoming Legend of Korra game, confirmed that their Avatar-based adventure will have a "difficulty level that suits expectations."

Atsushi Kuroda, producer of the game, broke the news in a behind the scenes video.

Platinum, known for making frenetic action games, has put special difficulty levels in previous titles; Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance had a secret "Reveangance" setting that trumped the "Very Hard" setting in difficulty.

In addition, Bayonetta--released before Metal Gear Rising--had a setting called "(Infinity Symbol) Climax."

The name of Legend of Korra's secret difficulty setting hasn't been announced. But its presence in the game will likely add replay value for ambitious players.

Korra will be released digitally, and it will have game modes that provide service to fans of the show. In August, the Pro Bending mode was announced.

Pro Bending is the fictional sport of the Avatar universe. And you will be able to experience it after first completing the game's story mode.

The Legend of Korra video game is set to release on October 21 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4.

With Book 4: Balance set to premiere on Friday, Korra fans will be busy in October. For more about Platinum Games, visit their official website here.

And for more about the upcoming release of Legend of Korra, visit the game's official website here.