Kelvin and the Infamous Machine Exceeds Goal, Gets Kickstarter's 'Staff Pick'

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Kelvin and the Infamous Machine, the upcoming indie game from Blyts, is almost at the end of its Kickstarter campaign. A successful endeavor, the company exceeded their original goal of $20,000. They have also earned the Kickstarter's "Staff Pick" award.

The game is the story of Kelvin, who Blyts described as "not-so-brilliant." He will embark on a point-and-click adventure through time with a few of his comrades in order to stop a crazed researcher from taking credit for every significant scientific innovation.

The time machine in which they travel will look like a shower for reasons only known to its inventor.

"After a lifetime of research," Blyts stated on the game's Kickstarter, "the eccentric Dr. Edwin Lupin finally unlocks the secrets of time travel.

With the help of his assistants Lise and Kelvin, Lupin constructs the world's first functioning time machine. Which, for complicated science reasons, looks exactly like a portable shower."

Currently at $27,000, Blyts announced stretch goals if they reach certain milestones. If the game gets to $35,000 before its campaign ends, then the game will include voice acting for every character in the game.

Different stretch goals include additional episodes featuring geniuses, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is expected to launch for Windows, Mac, Linux, Anroid, and iOs in September of 2015. For more about the game, visit Bltys' official website here.