PlayStation Now Subscription Service Launches January 13

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If you want to play a PlayStation 3 game without waiting for it to download and install, you're in luck: PlayStation Now will launch its streaming service on January 13.

"You've been able to rent games through PlayStation Now for several months now," Peter Jamshidi posted on the PlayStation Blog, "but many of you have asked -- what about a subscription? I'm pleased to announce that starting January 13th, we'll launch a subscription service for PlayStation Now that will provide instant and unlimited access to a catalog of more than 100 PS3 games.

And since you're using PlayStation Now, you can enjoy the freedom to quickly discover and play a wide range of full games without downloads, installs, or patches (not to mention trips to the store).

The subscription service will be available first on PS4 across North America, and will come to other PlayStation Now enabled devices in the future."

The subscription options are, at this point, short-term. There is a one-month option and a three-month option--both of which are under $20 a month.

Sony has yet to release a full list of the games available for streaming. But Jamshidi stated that the available genres would range from "action to RPG and everything in between." For more about PlayStation, visit its official website here.