Guild Wars 2 To Appear at Eurogamer Expo

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Guild Wars 2, the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMOPRG), will be featured at Eurogamer Expo (EGX).

The announcement came via the official Twitter account for the game, a link to a longer press release was included.

"If you're attending EGX 2014," the staff of Guild Wars 2 stated, "we hope you'll take time to visit us at the Twitch TV booth.

We'll have a number of demo stations available for you to play Guild Wars 2 and members of the Guild Wars 2 team (are) excited to talk to you about the game. The show starts September 25--we'll see you then!"

All activity at the EGX will disrupt the game's regular streaming schedule. Segments that will stream on Twitch TV during the gaming expo include, "What is Player vs. Player?" and "Tequatl Boss Fight."

Media outlets have been reporting about the Player vs. Player (PvP) for Guild Wars 2 this month; the gaming mode has allegedly been made easier to suit gamers who are less adept.

"But the two new Guild Wars 2 WvW contests don't actually require you to be any good at Wvw, just good at showing the feature off," Joystiq reported, "ArenaNet has partnered with Overwolf to kick off two WvW contests that are all about celebrating and promoting Wvw, even if you aren't much of a player."

The regular streaming schedule, the staff stated on the official website for Guild Wars 2, will resume on October 10.