Can A Twitter User Really Be Jailed For Sending A Flashing Image?

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The last 24 hours haven't been great for reporter Kurt Eichenwald. After a combative interview with Fox News, Eichenwald went on Twitter to make his case.

However, in the process he upset several Trump supporters -- one of whom sent him a flashing image.

Now, Eichenwald is claiming that the flashing image spurred an epileptic siezure and that he plans to press charges against the sender...but can he do that?

Eichenwald is known to have epilepsy, and he believes that the Twitter user (@jew_goldstein) purposely sent him the image in order to trigger a seizure.

After the siezure, Eichenwald's wife posted to Twitter on his behalf. That tweet has since been removed, but Eichenwald has tweeted about the incident multiple times since.

Eichenwald says that he is filing a lawsuit and that criminal charges are likely to be filed against the tweeter. But is that possible?

There isn't much precedent for this type of situation. Although online threats have been prosecuted many times, this situation is a bit different. It will be an interesting case to watch.

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