App Helps You Survive Real (And Fictional) Apocalypse

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The Apocalypse Survival Guide app, developed by ChiRyuAos, offers a fun way to prepare for natural and fictional disasters.

It is a useful tool that motivates people to plan for times of crisis that may or may not happen. An Indiegogo campaign was launched to raise awareness of the useful app and to collect funds.

With a goal of $40,000, the developer plans to start and complete an Android version of the app and to tie up loose ends with the existing iOS version.

Funds will also help pay for the app to appear at the NYCC 2014 with a large booth space and equipment. The campaign will end on August 19, 2014.

People typically do not plan for disasters because they do not think it can happen to them. Founder of ChiRyuAos and app developer, John Caballero, considered this when he was left without power or resources on the night of Hurricane Sandy two years ago. That very night, he started designing an app that would give others the tools to be more prepared than he was.

At the beginning, it was focused on natural and possible disasters. Caballero decided to add a fun twist to the tool to make it more appealing for everyone by introducing fictional scenarios.

He explains, "The ASG project is about creating a disaster plan, which can be serious and grim, but presenting it as something more entertaining.

People may be more inclined to do an amusing activity compared to a duty that may make them sad or worried. My hope is to turn a very essential and daunting task into a fun and entertaining achievement."

The app is divided into eight types of apocalypse scenarios. Some are fantasy and are meant only for entertainment while others could be very helpful if a disaster occurs. The eight scenarios include aliens, meteor, robots, zombies, global warming, super volcano, pandemic, and nuclear war.

The developer performed extensive research into what could take place in each scenario.

Each apocalypse has an analyzer that grades the user with a survival rate.

The app tests the player on what he or she knows about the disaster type, where he or she is located, what the person can and is willing to do, and more.

Useful tools including GPS, survival kit check lists, and planners are incorporated into the new app. Plans and locations can be saved offline so that if internet connection is lost, the user can still access necessary information. Individuals can connect with each other through the app and make group plans with family and friends.

Roles can be assigned to make sure everyone can help the group, and know what their job is when they are needed. A Facebook app has been developed in order to encourage connectivity between players.

Analyzer scores, plans, group plans, and survival kit checklists can be shared through the social network. The app will even suggest recruitees to an individual's group based on how prepared they are.

The Apocalypse Survival Guide app is available in the iOS App Store for free. Supporters of the Indiegogo campaign receive various gifts and perks including flyers or posters with original art depicting apocalypse scenes.

Posters can be viewed on the company's website at To support the campaign, visit