Indie Game 'Age of Grit' Close to Reaching Kickstarter Goal

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The steampunk genre has gathered a following since Firefly was cancelled.

And IqSoup -- an indie game developer based in Arizona-- is making a game that will interest those fans. With 17 days to go, the Kickstarter for Age of Grit nearing its $12,000 goal.

On August 28, IqSoup released the game's official trailer via Twitter.

A western-themed RPG, IqSoup's upcoming release will place gamers in the role of a rogue who will resort to "bounty hunting," "smuggling contraband," and "train robbery" for survival.

Age of Grit will also feature: a turn-based combat system, two-dimensional side-scrolling environments, a weapon-crafting system, and a "dialog-centric" story.

But the central mechanic behind Age of Grit is its airship; players will fight in the troposphere. The ship, however, will also be the player's primary method of transportation.

The world that the player will explore is called The West, and it is home to five different factions: The Miner's Guild, The Liberty Compact, The Kingdom of Topaz, Blight Territory, and The Core.

IqSoup announced the implementing of stretch goals on September 5--after their project was 75% funded. The developer announced that possible additions to Age of Grit include "console versions of the game" and other "additional content or features."

Expected to launch on PC, Mac, Linux, and iOs, Age of Grit is projected for release in November of 2015.