Electronic Arts Servers / EA Servers Are Down -- Fix ETA

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EA / Electronic Arts has acknowledged that its servers are down and that it is aware of the problem which is affecting a large number of its games, including Battlefield and EA Sports games.

In the last 24 hours, users all over the world have been experiencing problems with Electronic Arts servers. There has been a constant stream of complaints on Twitter:

Until a short while ago there was no response from EA; however, about an hour ago, their support team responded saying "We are aware of the intermittent connectivity issues at present and are investigating.

Apologies for the inconvenience." Some individual users are able to get back on now; however, many are not.

EA Support on Twitter is answering individual questions, so if you're having a problem the best way to get a response is to tweet them.

They will ask you to DM them with details. They are also providing restitution to certain people who are affected.

Recently, a hacking group promised to take down the EA servers through a denial of service attack. However, it's unclear if this downtime is related to that threat.

When Will The EA Servers / Electronic Arts Servers Be Back Up

We don't have a timeline from EA; however, some people are starting to be able to access them again. We will update you as we find out more.