Can an App Help Manage Acid Reflux Symptoms?

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Food4Gerd app is a mobile application that provides insights into common foods and beverages, making it a helpful tool for checking ingredients and their possible effects on reflux symptoms.

It is commonly known that gradual dietary and lifestyle changes are recommended to improve GERD-related symptoms.

The "Ingredient Check" included in the Food4GERD app helps sufferers to observe which of their preferred food choices are good ones and which should be avoided.

In the latest version, patients can also add their own foods and beverages and protect access to the app with a pin-code.

An integrated "Symptom Tracker" allows users to record the severity of reflux symptoms such as heartburn, sore throat or chest pain. In addition, the app offers the possibility to track times of symptom occurrence, as well to define personal triggers e.g.

stress or irregular eating, and ingredients that may be related to the symptoms.

A personal diary can be reviewed in the "Symptom History" and all data can be exported, which is a helpful tool as patients can use the results for discussion with their physicians: Using the Food4GERD app as part of the follow up communication between patients and physicians about the course of disease will support both to optimize treatment.

The Food4GERD app is available for all common mobile devices (including IOS and Android). It recently received its first Spanish language update, with more translations to follow. For more information visit