Legend of Korra Book 4, Episode 8 'Remembrances' Clip Posted Online

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A new clip from the upcoming Legend of Korra episode has been posted on Nick's official website.

Titled "Remembrances," the clip features Mako trying to toughen up Wu, who Kuvira almost kidnapped in the last episode.

Originally portrayed in the series as a spoiled chauvinist, the writers of the show have since shown the Earth Kingdom prince as being generally pathetic.

He can't do anything on his own, has no skills, and repulses everyone whom he meets.

Mako and Wu have a sparring match, and the former lands a soft punch on the prince's stomach. He quickly shouts in pain and collapses to the floor--adding a non-existent pain threshold to his list of weaknesses.

Mako's grandmother intervenes in the situation and starts coddling Wu. Wu rises to his feet after being comforted and makes incorrect assumptions about his bodyguard's past.

After Mako reveals that he dated Korra earlier in the series, Wu's interest is piqued. He asks Mako for more details about their relationship.

The clip shows that Mako and Wu are opposites. Mako had to work for everything in life; he's intelligent, humble, and pensive. In contrast, Wu's royal upbringing has made him unfit to deal with adversity.

Legend of Korra Book 4: Episode 8, "Remembrances" airs this Friday. We'll have a review for it upon its release. For more about the Legend of Korra visit its official website here.