Flying Lotus and Thundercat Streaming Grand Theft Auto Online on Twitch

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Flying Lotus and Thundercat, two artists featured on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, are currently streaming the game on Twitch.

Rockstar Games broke the news via Twitter, and invited players to watch as the musical artists lay waste to Los Santos.

In the game, Flying Lotus and Thundercat are featured on FlyLo FM, which plays hip-hop and dance music. The complete list of songs on the station is:

o Windowlicker, by Aphex Twin
o Evil Grin, by Captain Murphy
o Crystals, by Clams Casino
o Encoded Flow, by Dabrye
o It's Wack, by DJ Rashad and Heavee D
o 100hm, by Hudson Mohawke
o Stalker Ha, by Kingdom
o She Died There, by Machinedrum
o Elevators (Me & You), by Outkast
o Be Spin, by Flying Lotus
o Catapult Man, by Flying Lotus
o Crosswerved, by Flying Lotus
o Computer Face, by Flying Lotus
o Stonecutters, by Flying Lotus
o The Diddler, by Flying Lotus
o See Thru to U, by Flying Lotus feat. Erykah Badu
o Getting There, by Flying Lotus feat.

Niki Randa
o The Kill, by Flying Lotus, feat. Niki Randa
o 23, by Shadow Child
o Oh Sheit It's X, by Thundercat
o Garbage, by Tyler, The Creator

You can watch them stream here. For more information about Flying Lotus, visit his official website here. For more information about Thundercat, visit his official website here. For more about Grand Theft Auto, visit its official website here.