The Legend of Korra Review Roundup, Not What Fans Were Hoping For

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The Legend of Korra launches today. And the initial reception hasn't been what fans were hoping for. After a slew of bad adaptations--including 2 video games for the seventh generation consoles--fans placed their hope in Platinum Games' Korra title.

But the reviews are rolling in, and they aren't favorable. IGN gave Korra a 4.2 out of 10, calling it a "rote adaptation." IGN states, "I have no idea who The Legend of Korra: The Game is for.

It's definitely not for young fans of Korra as the combat is too unforgiving, the boss battles too tedious, the economy ridiculously punishing, and the story too weak and lacking any of the show's charm....

Korra looks terible with its simple two-button combos and poor combat scenario desing. I can't recommend it to anyone."

Gamespot echoed IGN's feelings about the game--giving Korra a 3 out of 10.

"The Legend of Korra has none of the crackle and drama that make the setting so special," Gamespot states, "but at least Iroh triggered memories of the grand journeys Aang and Korra have taken, and provoked that we might one day see a game that deserves the license."

The initial reception for The Legend of Korra isn't what Platinum Games was hoping for. But the company is releasing Bayonetta 2 on Friday; perhaps its rave reviews will soften the blow from The Legend of Korra's critical backlash.

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