New Legend of Korra Clip Posted

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A clip from the upcoming Legend of Korra episode has been posted.

In it, Kuvira is addressing her subjects in the Earth Empire. And after talking about enslaving the world, Kuvira seems more sensitive when she is alone with Bataar.

She expresses that she wants to marry him after her conquest is complete.

The clip closes with Kuvira resting her head on Bataar's shoulder. She has always had a sensitive side, and Kuvira is unique in that she was originally on Korra's side.

Korra was hesistant to take action against her earlier in the season because of her role in saving her father's life. This quickly changed when she attacked Zaofu and beat the Avatar in a bending duel.

In "Operation Beifong," Zhu Li told Team Avatar about Kuvira's plan to attack Republic City. The metropolis is, after all, taken from Earth Empire land.

This was a concern that the Earth Queen expressed in Change. But Zaheer cut her life short before she was able to do anything about it.

Legend of Korra only has three episodes remaining. And if a siege on Republic City is how the series will end, it will likely be a conclusion on par with Sozin's Comet.

For more about Legend of Korra, visit its official website here. Stay tuned for our review of the upcoming episode when it premieres on Friday.