Aerannis Gets Funded On Kickstater, Earns Site's 'Staff Pick'

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Aerannis has been funded on Kickstarter. With 15 days remaining, the Ektomarch--the studio behind the game--turn their attention to stretch goals.

The game is currently at $6,937. But if it gets to $7000, a "Boss Rush" mode will be included in the final version of the game.

Other future goals include: a mission editing mode and an "alternate path."

Aerannis will feature stealth action as the player navigates through a conspiracy that is millennia old.

The game takes place in the city of Plovdiv--a city that mysteriously survived when all others collapsed in the wake of war and other human-based atrocities.

Ceyda Farhi is an assassin living in the city. And she begins to suspect something when she notices a pattern in her targets; all of them involved quelling dissent against the government.

She is soon exposed to a secret society filled with other worldly beings.

"Stealth action and massive bosses," Ektomarch writes on their game's official Kickstarter page. "Take hostages, lay traps... and decide whether to uphold an ancient society of shapeshifters that've guided humanity's advances or destroy them all."

The game will be a platformer that focuses on different gameplay elements; sometimes the player will need to use stealth to get through the level, other levels will require a more direct approach.

Aerannis is expected to launch in September of 2015. For more about the upcoming indie title, visit its official website here.