Novel Focuses On Justin Bieber's Severed Finger?

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"Bieber's Finger," a novel, tells the story of a super-fan who catches her pop idol's finger in a car bombing.

But death isn't the end for her when it comes to her favorite teen pop singer. She sets in motion a plan to clone her idol and resurrect his career.

Bieber's Finger sits in the young adult science fiction space, with a 15-year old girl acting as its main character. With a whimsical plot and enjoyable characters, the novel doesn't take itself too seriously.

If you are looking for the next Hunger Games, you won't find it here. Bieber's Finger moves along at a quick pace but feels more like a bubblegum pop space adventure with best friends.

Craig Nybo enters young adult fiction for the first time with Bieber's Finger, his third novel.

When it comes to obscurity in fiction, Nybo is no stranger. His debut novel, Allied Zombies for Peace, pitted zombies against the Ku Klux Klan during a 1968 peace rally.

"Bieber's Finger came to me as a title first," said Nybo of his book. "I don't know where I heard it or even if I heard it. But I couldn't stop repeating it in my mind.

'Bieber's Finger.' What can I say; it's funny. Over time, a story crafted itself right there in front of my mind's eye. Then the day came that I had to write it."

Music, particularly teen pop, sits at the center of Bieber's Finger. This is no surprise; along with writing novels, Nybo is a musician, with several albums to his credit on the market.

"Music is important to me," said Nybo. "And so it often becomes important to the characters in my stories. Like music, I try to write to a pulse, a tempo so to speak.

I think for me, music and writing act in symmetry. My music helps my writing and my writing helps my music.

In this novel, I reference the music of Earth, but also touch on how music might sound from other worlds. The whole project was a blast."

But what about the title character, Bieber? When asked about using such a prominent name in his book, Nybo responded with a smile: "Is there another guy named Bieber? I assure you, any similarity between characters in my novel and real people is purely coincidental.

My character, Bieber, has nothing to do with anyone who might have the same name in reality. After all, a quick Google search shows that there are over 5,000 Biebers in the United States alone."

Bieber's Finger is now available in paperback, eBook, and audio book everywhere books are sold.