Imager User Makes Retro Gaming Consoles For The Holidays

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The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One undoubtedly top several gamers' Christmas lists. But someone chose to give the gift of gaming in a more original way.

They say that the greatest gift you can give is one that you make yourself. A user on Imgur took this to a new level--making retro gaming consoles for his family and friends.

The user posted images of everything you need to make your own retro gaming console, including a USB connector and a MicroSD.

"Everything you need to create your own Retro Gaming Console (x3)," the user posted on Imgur.

"From left to right: USB 2-axis 8-button Joypads (x6), The Raspberry Pi (x3), 802.11 usb wifi adapter (x3), HDMI cable (x3), microUSB power (x3), and the SD card (4gb should work). Note - you'll also want access to a keyboard initially."

The final products are clear and have pictures of classic gaming characters printed on them.

If you're looking to find out what to give your game-loving friend or family for the Holidays, this would be a good place to start if he or she already owns a next-gen console.

In addition, it would be an unexpected--and personal--twist to a season where consumerism reaches blatant excess.

You can view the entire "how to" guide on Imgur here.