TGS 2014 Footage of Dragonball Xenoverse Gets Posted

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Bandai Namco Games teased gameplay footage from Dragonball Xenoverse at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) this week.

Anime Games Online recorded some of the action from the Playstation 4 version of the game.

What stands out first is that the game follows the model of the Tenkaichi and Raging Blast series; characters are fighting in a three dimensional environment that looks somewhat interactive--the occasional rock shows damage from a punch, and craters form when a fighter crashes to the ground.

The first fight was between Goku and Vegeta. Fighting on Kami's lookout, the pace of the footage was frenetic--occasionally pausing to capture the full impact of an especially damaging punch.

The energy blasts look vibrant and explosive, which makes the game look like it's tapping into some of the next-gen hardware on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The first Dragonball-Z title based for the eighth generation consoles, Dimps is developing Xenoverse-- the company that made the popular Budokai franchise, which has achieved more critical success than any other Dragonball-based game.

The title has no confirmed release date. But there is speculation that the game will be out by early 2015.

Bandai Namco, however, has not confirmed any of these rumors. For more information about Dragonball Xenoverse, go to the game's official website.