World of Warcraft Executive Producer Makes Up For Troubled Launch

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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor is the best-reviewed expansion for the popular MMO in recent memory.

This, however, took backseat to a rocky launch of the title. In order to rectify the inconvenience, Blizzard is offering players free game time, according to Polygon.

The announcement came in the official forums for World of Warcraft, where executive producer J. Allen Brack expressed enthusiasm for Warlords of Draenor but also apologized for players who had a rough start.

"The first two days of the expansion were not a great experience, with many of your facing high queues and significant gameplay problems," Brack stated.

" We worked around the clock to tackled the demand issues and technical challenges, and fortunately things started looking better on Saturday.

While millions of you were able to get in and play over the weekend, with many already reaching level 100, others still ran into very lengthy queues, particularly on the highest-population realms."

He concluded his statement by apologizing to the legions of World of Warcraft players, and offered 5 extra days of free game time in order to compensate for the inconvenience.

Draenor hasn't been out long, but it's already received positive feedback from critics.

"At this point most of the quests are delightfully streamlined," Detructoid stated in their review-in-progress of the game.

"It was great to log in for the first time after loading up the expansion (which pre-loaded wonderfully) and automatically obtain the quest to reach the Blasted Lands and kick off the new storyline.

Automatic turn-ins and more convenient quest hubs are also a thing, so there's no running around for half an hour just to get some well-earned experience points."

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